Chapter 12 is here! Little bit longer than usual, but explains A LOT, A LOT - and I seriously owe you guys (Did I mention I am EXTREMELY surprised people are still following me after several months of absence <3). Please tell me what you think - I really like to hear feedback! I know I have probably have some typos, but I like to hear what people think about the story so far - if you can even call it that :P Started Chapter 13, but half of it has so far  been written on my iPhone because I commute a lot more to work and school now. I’ve been using the Werdsmith app - works okay so far, but I’m not in love. It’s probably because I will always prefer my pen and paper :) Any other good (free) writing apps out there? 

PS: How is my love for Rumbelle supposed to be rekindled each week when Rumple and Belle are in separate worlds right now on OUAT? Answer: FANFICTION ;) 

xshiiningstarrx asked:
Hi! As a huge Trouver d'Or fan I was wondering when the next chapter was coming? I absolutely love this fic, it's brilliant ^^

Dear awesomely, amazingly,fabulously, loyal, patient, understanding person I adore,

Yes, I want to finish Trouver d’Or soon! Many things have been going on in my life though, which are the main reasons for my lack of existence (it is totally fair to say that I have kind of fallen off the face of the Earth at this point). And at one point abandonment was an option because life had been insistingly stressful and crazy. In the last few months I transferred to university from college. As a result, I partially moved out of my home to live with my generous grandparents. Change naturally has its own busyness, however recently my Mom was admitted into the hospital. Simply, life has not had an opportunity to stand still. But writing is super therapeutic and relaxing for me (a huge destresser) so I am going to try to finish up Trouver d’Or soon and force myself to slow down for a minute and just breathe (if that’s at all possible). The other little (but slightly big) reason for the next few chapters delay has been I am torn in how to make something work. I don’t like to do things completely unrealistic , I know I’m writing fanfiction, but certain scenarios have not revealed their origins yet. Hopefully Lady Creativity will strike me again when I pick up my pen again. So yes very soon. I am extremely determined to finish this tale as I (probably the same as you) dislike unfinished stories. You have given me more determination though and inspiration to finish though. Thanks! For you hopefully I will finish very soon :)

Your completely guilty, stressed, trying to remain positive, grateful, and appreciative Trouver d’Or writer (if you could call me that…….)

PS: I hope whatever you and anyone else is up to this summer is an adventurous whirlwind of fun, laughter and dear memories. Thanks for sticking with me ;)

Chapter 11 of Trouver d'Or

Hello patient friends!

I thank you for being kind and waiting for this next chapter. Sometimes I wish I produced faster, because I always feels so terrible for making everyone wait. A whole month between chapters is a super long time. I’ll try to make it a shorter time frame next time - hopefully…. I would like to say life or school somewhat took over the last few weeks, but in actuality this chapter was extremely difficult to write. Everytime I wrote a particular scene, the next day I scribbled and crossed out everything I wrote and started again. For some reason I couldn’t describe what I wanted to execute. Each time it didn’t turn exactly as I planned. And then finally yesterday it all clicked together easily. And the chapter began to write itself. I hope you enjoy the next chapter as I have a feeling the end of Trouver d’Or is coming soon. Probably a few more chapters and then I think this story might be finished. I hope you have a great week. If you are fortunate enough to be celebrating Valentine’s Day I hope it is a special day. And if you’re like me and rocking it out solo again, I hope you enjoy some fanfiction, chick flicks, or yummy baked goods - whatever’s your pleasure :)

So I just realized today - during class when I should have been actually paying attention - that I forgot to list one other song that I listen to while I write Trouver d’Or. “L’assenza”(Italian for the absence) is performed by Alessandro Rinella, an Italian tenor, and Chloe Agnew of Celtic Woman. It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. And I can’t seem to find an mp3 to purchase anywhere, it is extremely sad. I think that was one of the original reasons I vetoed it from the list I posted. 

Nonetheless, even though I don’t understand Italian too well, I really feel like “L’assenza” quite literally expresses the plot of the next few episodes of Once Upon a Time and a little bit of Trouver d’Or right now. In the show, Rumple is departing with Emma to find Bae. And although he is going to be reunited with his son, I can only guess how lonely life must be without his Belle. In Trouver d’Or he’s completely MIA right now. In this case it’s noted that Belle misses Rumple mainly, however he also misses her too! Extremely, trust me. But there is a reason why he’s been hiding. Like I hope there is a reason why Belle lost her memory and broke the chipped cup - both episodes saddest days of my life. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy “L’assenza.” The link provided is an official video provided by Art Music Records via myspace, but if you prefer youtube, you can also find the awesome track here. I truly hope you’re having a great week, and have a chance to enjoy  your weekend!


xshiiningstarrx asked:
Hi! You mentioned in your last post that you have a rumbelle playlist for when you write Trouver d'Or, and I was wondering if maybe you could post the names of the songs in it? ^^ I really liked the song you posted too! ;)

Hi back! :D I’m glad you liked the song - I know very few people that enjoy traditional folks songs too. Song list? For you anything ;) I put most of them on 8tracks, so you can check out the playlist here. I’m a huge fan of Celtic Woman, but unfortunately there is a limit per artist on 8 tracks, so I was unable to upload all of them. The songs are ordered in somewhat of a linear fashion, following the story of Trouver d’Or. Each one is special and symbolises a part of the story. Here’s a full list of all of the songs (without the 8 tracks limitations):

  1. My Heart’s in the Highlands - Pur
  2. The Maid of Culmore - Cara Dillon
  3. The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun - Celtic Woman
  4. Scarborough Fair - Celtic Woman
  5. Kiss from a Rose - Triniti
  6. Pavane - Myleene Klass
  7. Black is the Colour - Celtic Woman
  8. The Lost Rose Fantasia - Celtic Woman
  9. Dúlaman - Celtic Woman
  10. Murder, He Says - Tori Amos
  11. Holding Out for a Hero - Frou Frou
  12. Chan Eil Ach Curam Air Gach Laimh / Green Grow the Rashes O - Pur
  13. Auld Lang Syne - Celtic Woman
  14. Perfect Day - Miriam Stockley
  15. Hallelujah - Katherine Jenkins
  16. Harry’s Game - Celtic Thunder
  17. Wishing on a Star - Miriam Stockley
  18. The Mummers’ Dance - Loreena McKennitt
  19. The Highland Widows Lament - Pur
  20. Dile - Three Graces
  21. The Parting Glass - Celtic Woman
  22. May it Be - Hayley Westenra
  23. Maid of Culmore - Celtic Thunder
  24. Beyond the Sea - Celtic Woman
  25. The Water is Wide - Triniti
  26. Black Roses Red - Alana Grace
  27. Black is the Colour - Cara Dillon
  28. Shenandoah - Hayley Westenra
  29. Sailing - Celtic Woman
  30. Mo Ghile Mear - Celtic Woman
  31. Come What May - Il Divo
  32. I’ll Be Home for Christmas - Celtic Woman
  33. Green the Whole Year ‘Round (Live Version) - Celtic Woman
  34. Auld Lang Syne / Air Sgath Nan Lomadh Linn - Pur
  35. My Lagan Love - Celtic Woman
  36. Goodnight My Angel - Celtic Woman

I hope you find at least one new favourite amongst this list!

I started writing the next chapter of Trouver d’Or last night. This might sound weird, but I use an old-school method for writing. Instead of typing on my Mac, I use my favourite Pentel RSVP pen and a stack of lined paper. Usually while I write I listen to a specific playlist on my iPod. The playlist basically consists of songs that remind me of Trouver d’Or. My Heart’s in the Highlands sung by Pur is one of the biggest inspirations behind this fanfiction. I always imagine Gold’s mother singing this old folk song to him as a child. It will be making a special appearance in the next chapter!


Chapter 10 of Trouver d'Or

Happy New Year! I apologize for not uploading a chapter in over a month. I honestly worked on this chapter almost every other day. Chapter 10 was the hardest chapter to write so far. Although the story is mainly told from Belle’s point of view, this chapter goes more in depth into her thought process in dealing with another change. I thought it was important to understand Belle’s emotions at this point. I hope I was able to convey that somewhat well! Anyways, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I wish you all the best and hope you have a great 2013!

Chapter 9 of Trouver d'Or

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new chapter, so I have worked extremely hard on Chapter 9. A lot happens between Belle and Gold. There were some moments where I couldn’t believe some choices, but sometimes things have to happen in order for happy endings to come true.

All of my finals are next week, so hopefully I will have an increase in free time for writing about Belle and Gold.

I hope you’re all doing well! Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

Anonymous asked:
Do you plan on writing more fics when you're finished with Trouver d'Or?

I would love to, I’m not too sure if I’m a good writer though. I have different senseless ideas running through my head, which I can’t even decipher sometimes. So we’ll have to see. If people would like to see more, I will definitely try my best to produce! :)